4 Best Premium Dyson Vacuum Cleaners in India You Can Buy

Dyson is a company headquartered in Singapore and renowned for its technology. They produce a wide variety of products, such as air purifiers, hair care products, special lamps, and cord-free vacuums, most importantly.

Without the stress of plugging and unplugging the cable, cordless vacuums can be conveniently carried around your house.

Top 4 Dyson Vacuum Cleaners in India

The V11 is Dyson’s ultimate high-end model that provides you with all the latest features of a cordless vacuum cleaner. For effective and powerful cleaning, it features a Dynamic Load Sensor that changes motor speed and suction power between different floors.

Three different modes, such as economy, auto, and boost mode, are also available. By sensing the surface using the DLS system, modes are altered.

The LCD at the top displays much-needed details such as remaining charge time, current output, maintenance of the filter, and reports of blockage. The cyclone technology present in this vacuum provides a great deal of force for micro-particles such as pollen, bacteria, and others to flow.

The rigid nylon bristles in the head drive deep into and expel the dirt from the carpet or other cloth. Most particles are trapped as small as 0.3 microns by the filtration device present in this cleaner and the air expelled is much cleaner.

A compact and inexpensive unit with a decent number of features is the V8 Dyson cord-less vacuum cleaner. The motor in this vacuum is sufficiently strong to generate up to 115 Air Watts to produce a powerful suction.

All the micro-particles and allergens are collected by the advanced HEPA filter to expel much cleaner air.

To trap all the microscopic dust along with the filter, the 2-tier radial cyclone produces a powerful centrifugal force. With this vacuum, you also get two distinct modes.

The MAX mode gives you high suction power, but more charge is used while your cleaning time is longer in the power mode.

The V7 is the most affordable Dyson-made cordless vacuum cleaner. The V7 has a direct-drive cleaner head that bristles into the carpet to extract ground-in dirt, designed for all forms of carpet.

Up to 100 AW of powerful suction can be produced by the motor present in this system to clear all kinds of dust particles from your building.

The two-tier radial cyclone produces powerful G-force to flow dust into the bust, while up to 99.9 percent of microscopic dust and allergens are detected by the post-motor filter.

The V10 model is a Dyson premium vacuum cleaner that has deep-cleaning technology for your home. It is powered by a digital motor which can produce a powerful fade-free suction of up to 130 AW. To suit any role on any form of floor, the V10 comes with three power modes.

In this vacuum, the 14 cyclones present produce enough force to flow microscopic particles into the bin, such as pollen and other allergens. It has a completely sealed filtration which traps up to 99.97% of the particles.

To absorb vibrations and dampen the sound to keep the noise down, this vacuum is acoustically engineered.

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